Heaven Seven Video from Mekka & Symposium 2000

In 2000, a sizable group of people got together at a conference called Mekka & Symposium. Their artform, known as ‘Demos‘, continues to blow my mind to this day. The idea is that you write a tiny computer program that is capable of generating an incredible series of visual and auditory stimuli. The result is generally a cohesive ‘video’, that we today can watch via systems like YouTube.

For me, the really incredible part of this effort was the fact that they would compete to see who could do the most with a program of a given size. The most spectacular achievements on this front that I am aware of were all programs at around 64 kilobytes in size. In order to put that in perspective, all of the information in the program file would be about 64,000 characters, or about 10,000 words in a human language. These programs demonstrate some of humanity’s absolutely stunning creativity and ingenuity.

One of my favourite videos of all time, Heaven Seven, is one such Demo. Check it out (in full 1080p) on YouTube through the link below:

Alternately, you can still get the original executable version of Heaven Seven.