First semester of my Physics Masters

Today was the first day of my Physics Masters at McGill. Yoga in the morning was followed with breakfast and then the 20 minute walk to campus.

I jumped through some bureaucratic hoops to become setup as a grad student. I now have a desk in an office on the fourth floor! The room even has a window! I feel like I have moved up a lot in the world since my days of working in the cavernous underbelly of the Lab Building at the University of Regina.

My supervisors are Michael Hilke of McGill and Guy Austing of the National Research Council.

My course list for this semester is:

  • Physics 659 - Experimental Condensed Matter - Taught cooperatively, but overseen by Dominic Ryan.
  • Physics 634 - Seminar in Advanced Materials - Taught by my supervisor Michael Hilke.
  • Electrical Engineering 535 - Nanoelectronic Devices - Taught by Thomas Szkopek.

Today I had a session of all three of these classes! Luckily since it is the first day the lectures were not overly intense. Even so, I am feeling a bit shell-shocked. In the next several hours, and perhaps stretching into tomorrow, I will be attempting to compile my learnings from today into a comprehensible format. Stay tuned.

Going home for the holidays

Excited to spend several weeks back in Saskatchewan. Going to see a lot of family and friends.

Also hoping to grab some of my undergrad physics notes that I think might be of value for the masters studying. I find that while my notes might be of relatively low quality compared to a textbook...they are the way that I learned the subject in the first place, and are thus well suited to help refresh the neural pathways that were once there ­čÖé

Hope everyone is excited for the holidays.

Testing Adsense

Here is some text relating to physics. The purposes of this page is to test the physics relevance of the adsense units that will be placed here. Condensed matter is the subject of my masters degree. I am also interested in many other areas of physics even though they are not my areas of current specialization.

Let's see how well targeted this physics ad will be, or even if there are any physics related ads to show.